QR Code Info

The use of a QR code (Quick Response Code) is free of any license and is a published ISO standard. A QR code allows the encoding of a Bridges to the Past memorial website address into a 2 dimensional type of "barcode". Many devices are capable of scanning and reading this code via a simple download of a free scanner app.  Search for "scanner" in your device's App store and you should see a number of free scanner apps to choose from.

Different types of data can be encoded into the QR code, but our badges at the memorial sites will only have data needed to link you through the internet to that specific customized memorial website or Bridge. 

In summary: Scan the code and view or cross a Bridge to the Past online memorial website!

A Bridges to the Past memorial QR code is laser etched into an attractive weather durable badge that you affix to the site of the memorial.  This will allow anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or other device that has the ability to scan QR codes, to instantly access a Bridge to the Past at the site of the memorial.

Stainless badge with Logo and QR code

(Sample badge encodes the web address of our homepage)

The utility of the QR code doesn't end with the badge at the memorial site.  The QR code is automatically generated at the Bridge website as an image that can be copied and shared through email or just simply printed. The image of the code opens up a world of potential uses.  You might want it added to the program/prayer card at the wake and funeral.   When words are just not enough, it could be printed with the obituary to give everyone a richer appreciation for your loved one. You could even have it put onto a pendant, bracelet or other keepsake so that you could keep the Bridge close and cross it anytime you want.

QR codes have to be clear enough, big enough, and keep their shape so that they can be scanned. Keeping that in mind, if you can display it, then the Bridge can be crossed. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.