Account Limits

For us to be able to offer Bridges to the Past for generations to come there will unfortunately have to be some size limitations.  Currently all uploaded photos are resized to a 600pixel width with the height variable so that the aspect ratio is retained.  This allows us to be able to allow you to upload hundreds of photos to the bridge without bumping into any restrictions. Videos however are a little more tricky. With video files potentially taking up massive amounts of space, it is highly recommended that you edit the video files down to only the pertinent portions and encode them into a greatly compressed format. Bridges to the Past is not made to be a full video or high resolution photo archival system.  It is made so that people can create a memorial site where their loved ones won't be forgotten.  The best way to get video onto your bridge is to create a free account on Youtube and upload it and encode it there. Youtube will provide you a link that you just copy and paste into your Bridge. This solves so many potential problems! For those of you that need to know a number then, for now, 500MB is the limit. We will frequently be re-evaluating size limitations and we reserve the right to change these limitations at any time and without notice.