Gift a Bridge

For those that recently passed away, to those that have been gone for decades or even centuries, a Bridge to the Past (personalized memorial website with unique QR code) is a wonderful way to keep their stories alive.  Giving a Bridge to the Past as a gift is a thoughtful and personal way to show how much you treasure their memories and life stories.

So many times, we lose a very dear friend or family member and we want to do something special for the grieving family.    A plant or flowers so often don’t seem to be quite enough to express your condolences.  You can make a gift of a Bridge to provide a lasting place for cherished memories and information about the person they lost!  With Bridges to the Past, you can set up a membership for the grieving family in the name of the person they lost.  You purchase the Bridge and register the membership. Once you pass the login and password information on to the family, they can log on and create the Bridge (personalized memorial website for the loved one).  What an enduring and special gift!