• Always Remembered

    Create enduring tributes to your loved ones.

    Who were they? What did they do? How did they live? What were their dreams and aspirations? Many times, there just isn’t someone around that can tell us. We want to change that. We want to build Bridges to the Past that will keep our loved one’s stories alive for the future.

    Always Remembered
  • QR Codes Help Cross Bridges to the Past

    A unique QR code is laser etched into an attractive weather durable badge that is affixed to the site of the memorial. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or other device capable of scanning a QR code, may cross the Bridge to view the personalized online memorial website. QR codes are extremely versatile.

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    QR Codes Help Cross Bridges to the Past
  • Mapping the Bridges to the Past

    Bridges to the Past can be accessed a number of ways and from anywhere in the world that you have internet access. Our mapping feature is a great way to see where bridges are located in the world. Look to our powerful search page to find Bridges to the Past and see the actual locations of the bridges displayed on the map.

    Mapping the Bridges to the Past
  • Give a Bridge to the Past as a Gift

    For those that recently passed away, to those that have been gone for decades or even centuries, a Bridge to the Past (personalized memorial website with QR code for the headstone) is a wonderful way to keep their stories alive. Giving a Bridge to the Past as a Gift is a thoughtful and personal way to show how much you treasure their memories and life stories.

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    Give a Bridge to the Past as a Gift

Discover a Bridge to the Past

Start typing a name and suggestions are provided. You can choose one from the list or just hit Enter/Search to display multiple results.

What Is It?

Bridges to the Past are pathways to the memories of our loved ones.  You construct a bridge (personalized memorial website with QR code) to your loved one's past that can include biographical text, photos, movies, and much more.  A timeline with significant events of their life can easily be constructed to put their life story into context.  There is even an area for others to contribute to the bridge through their own personal thoughts and memories.  See an Example

How It Works

Bridges to the Past are accessible by everyone, anytime, via the QR coded badge at the memorial site.  Bridges can also be crossed anywhere you have access to the web through the main website and our versatile search engine. QR Codes can be conveniently used a number of different ways.  Simply scan the QR code and your personalized memorial website comes up anytime and anyplace you scan!  To learn more about QR codes and for some ideas on how they can be used please click here.

Getting Started

We will only charge a one-time fee to build an everlasting Bridge to the Past. This will cover the costs of the stainless steel laser etched QR code that you apply to your memorial site and provides unlimited access to the members' area where you will build the actual Bridge to the Past (personalized memorial webpage with pictures, videos, obituary and memories). Don't worry, all of the major construction work has already been done. Just add your personal touch and bring the bridge to life. Let's Get Started!