Dixie Rae Hegarty (Betsworth)

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Maureen Thompson

Apr 29, 2014

I remember after mom had Mike she got sick and so all six of us kids got to go to Sioux City and stay with our Hegarty cousins.   Now imagine that I had a hard time being a part from my mom with a baby sitter for a couple of hours let alone a 5 day hospital stay after Mike was born and then right away after that another week apart.  Anyway, I was so excited because I got to stay with Kerry, Sean and Molly.  I couldn't wait to get there!  I think Dan and Darrel stayed with Ronnie and Carol or they had 2 of us kids with at least 1 twin but I can't remember where Ginny and Katie stayed.  So I got very homesick, very fast.  So I wanted to cry really bad because I missed my mom so much.   So I pretended like I tripped and started to cry.  Aunt Dixie, instead of being annoyed with the extra kid, comes up and scopes me up and holds me like a baby and hugged me tight and rocked me in a chair while I cried because I missed my mom.  I needed that so much!   She then said, "Maureen, let's go see your brothers".  She knew it would help for me to be around brothers and sisters for a while.   So she packed us all up and we went to Ronnie and Carols so I could be around them.   I will never forget how good she made me feel when I was so homesick.  I also remember Carol and Ronnie's house was chaos with both of the twins there and all of the Hegarty boys running around!   LOL!  I will always love and remember Aunt Dixie's smile, big laugh and mostly her heart of gold.   May God bless and keep Aunt Dixie!!!

Bary Betsworth

Nov 19, 2012

She was the best. Bary&MaryAnn

Jim & Pat Abdo

Nov 19, 2012

What a wonderful tribute to one of the sweetest women in our family. Miss her every day. Thanks kids - good job Love to you all Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat

Randy & Pat Hegarty

Nov 18, 2012

Thanks for sharing this memorial with us. We have lots of fond memories of times shared with Dixie and all of you. It was great to see the pictures and the video. We were glad to be a part of that San Francisco trip. Randy wants to know why we weren't included in the Hawaii trip... Ha! We Love You, Aunt Pat & Uncle Randy

Ginny DeBates

Oct 27, 2012

I have such wonderful memories of Aunt Dixie! Everytime she (and your dad) came to Ponca, the house was full of laughter and fun stories. I remember her coming up to visit mom in the hospital one time after mom had had surgery.(With yummy donuts in-hand!) Mom kept telling her to stop making her laugh because it hurt too much to laugh. :) That was impossible to do when Dixie was around! She always made me feel special and loved. She was one-in-a-million and I feel so lucky to have know her.

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