Bridges to the Past provides the QR coded badges and online memorial websites that will unite everyone's bridges into a searchable and mappable network of our loved ones.  All you have to do to become an Affiliate with us is register

Once you register as one of our Affiliates, you may present our discreet and tasteful advertisements on your website(s) to offer Bridges to the Past to your customers.  Those visitors to your website that click through to the Bridges to the Past website and purchase a Bridge will trigger a commission for you.

The most efficient way for payments to be made to you for commissions is via PayPal.  If you do not already have a PayPal account, Bridges to the Past highly recommends you sign up for one (It's Free) for a no-hassle solution to receiving your commissions.  Paypal Sign Up

So what is the downside?

You get to help build the most comprehensive network of Bridges to the Past in the world. And you get to offer this extraordinary opportunity to your customers at no cost to yourself.  And you will receive commission(s) on those referrals that purchase a bridge. 

Yeah, I can't see a downside either. grin