About Us

“Bridges to the Past” is family owned and operated. One day, our own lives will have Bridges built to our past, but for now this page is really less about us as it is about how “Bridges to the Past” came to exist.
Like everyone, we have experienced tragic losses of family and friends.  Some only had a short time to shine their light, others burned brightly for many years.  They all provided us with cherished memories that we never wanted to fade. Unfortunately our memories do fade with time. This may help with the pain and sorrow, but the happy and joyous times fade as well.

Who in your family has all of the old family photos and videos?  When is the last time everyone got together to reminisce and try to hand down some memories of our ancestors to the newest generation?  How many times did you carefully work a picture out of the old photo album only to find nothing written on the back that told you when or where it was taken, or even who it was?  We are human, we forget.  Without someone to put the picture into context, the meaning and significance becomes lost.   We came to realize that we were repeating this same cycle for our future generations.

We can’t be the only ones to have walked through a cemetery looking at memorial stones trying to imagine the lives of those that were laid to rest.  The only clues were the names and dates of the departed and of those that were buried nearby. Not nearly enough to gain any insight into their lives.  Close to our home is a cemetery that we occasionally walk through and look at the different memorials.  We often ponder the fate of the twin boys that died on the same day in 1935 just nine months after their birth. Who were these boys?  We did some research and talked to some of the elders of the community, but they couldn’t recall anything about them. How could they have come and gone and have no one remember them? What was their story?

We created Bridges to the Past as a means to always remember.  Bridges to the Past will give others their own opportunity to tell the stories of their loved ones. We have made it our mission to keep our history and memories alive.  We have dedicated ourselves to helping others to do the same.